A look at the Morini 350 Sport Double Drum

Written on
November 25, 2020
A look at the Morini 350 Sport Double Drum

Over the last 40 years of selling Morini's we have built up a little knowledge and as such people often ask us for advice on what to look for when buying so I thought we could use this bike we currently have in stock to show what you should be looking for on a Double Drum and secondly to demonstrate the kind of quality bikes that we like to sell. Below you will find a video talking about the bikes then a series of photo's showing the details I mention during the video, obviously there are lots of other parts we could have talked about like the flanged Borrani rims, lights, levers and headlight brackets etc but i wanted to try and keep it simple and stick to the key points

Hope you find this useful

Sport badge, warning lights and rev counter
The all important S stamp
Original early switch gear
Twin seam silencers and flanged Borrani rims
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