Yamaha FZR 750R OW01

Uber rare and sought after homologation special, Yamaha's OW01

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We are delighted to offer for sale this fantastic OW01 Yamaha FZR 750R

These are spectacular machines and when they came out in 89 at an eye watering £12700 compared to a 1000 EXUP at only £5899! our interest was piqued to say the least. Flat slide carbs, Titanium con rods and 2 ring pistons gave the engine some go and basically the list goes on and on, the frame was lifted from the factory race bikes and then covered with special components like Ohlins suspension and Nissin brakes along with exquisite details like the quick pull spindle loops that just make this bike feel really special . Just 500 examples are said to have been built across 2 years and lots ended up on the race track so its great to find a nice original example like this machine

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