Ducati 999 RS F06 Ex Lavilla

Fully factory F06 ! This absolutely breathtaking 999 is the pinnacle of ducati V twins

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Offered for sale is this Factory 999 F06 Ridden in BSB by Gregorio Lavilla

This bike has won 15 races, 14 other podiums and held 9 lap records!!!!!!!

On a good day in the hands of Gregorio Lavilla this thing was unstoppable !

For 2006/7 GSE had 4 full factory F06 bikes and this is obviously one of them, now these are not customer bikes but what are known as FO bikes (Factory Only) so this would have been the exact spec that Bayliss would have been riding in WSBK!! .....BUT!! this particular bike was even higher spec than that ! This was fitted with a very special set of Ohlins forks with Rifled internals that cost £35k in 2006!! Along with a GP Spec rear shock and GP spec clutch!!!!!

If you talk to those in the know then they will tell you that these are basically 2 cylinder GP bikes and for its year this carried more technology than any other bike before or since! Ducati threw the kitchen sink at it as they had no CC advantage at the time

You may notice that this is bike number 2, as it happens Greg barley sat on number 1 as he didn't like it as much so unusually this is the bike that did all the winning.

It comes with a whole pile of stuff including, Helmet, Leathers, boots, Gloves, Laptop with all the software and data, and loads of signs and posters etc from the team at the time..... Its a truly unique package

And yes it has a frame number!!

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